Thursday, July 15, 2010

some pictures

a picture of the Nový Jičín town square, courtesy of google images
Pittsford village, about a 1/2 mile away form my house. Again, this picture could not have been shared with you today if it wasn't for that wonderful resource, the internet.

Another picture (courtesy of the internet) of Rochester. I live in Pittsford, which is a suburb of Rochester.

See a similarity between the three pictures?
I do! Czech :) out the clouds in all of them!

I have a date!

It's official!
I have to arrive in New York City on August 18 for my orientation. I can't believe it's getting so close! I'm off to music camp in Canada, then I will get back and have two weeks to tie up all my loose ends and get packed! Looks like I'll just be bringing my violin, but it's all good. If i have the opportunity, maybe I'll be able to find a viola there that I can rent. I'm so excited to meet my host family soon. They live in a village outside of Nový Jičín, a town of about 25,000 people, I think. I'll have more to tell once I actually meet them! I'm still working on my czech, but it's still not sticking to me. I'll have to make some flashcards to practice, I guess. Thanks again to my parents and my scholarship sponsor for helping me to learn and grow by covering the cost of this experience.