Thursday, December 23, 2010

I like to surround myself with gorgeous people

Sven, an AFSer from Germany, and me in Vienna
Joyce from Hong Kong, with whom I shared Halloween this year
MPM. I love you guys :D So I wake up in the morning feeling like Beethoven
They are not just gorgeous, they are sexy beasts. I miss y'all.
Violists for the win!
Aren't they lovely? MPM strikes again!
Yeah, I had a leaf fight with gorgeous people. Be oh so jealous.
My lovely ladies, all dressed up for mini-christmas
Hirone, rocking her first skirt ever, believe it or not. She put us all to shame...
My chilean mamasita. We were on a ferris wheel!
My host mum. We were beach bums in Barcelona.
The fam, and my wonderful cousin, Michal
I miss this girl like no other.
Canadian, eh? See you next summer, Berta!
We rocked that Beethoven.
MY PAPA. He should be less busy and skype more.
And we will all fry together when we fry!
Cingular. Raising the bar!
That was one big chair!
Yeah. I miss you, thunderthighs!
My ray of sunshine
Mumsies. Christmas won't be the same without your expert leg-crossed present opening expertise.
Lovingly referred to as "the thai girls," Silk, Chompu, Mo and Bow. And Mizuha, from Japan, in the corner!
Leonie, who I haven't seen in way too long.
That was one helluva good day in Ostrava :D

So, this obsession with beautiful friends has been going on for a while. I know I missed a whole bunch, and I love you all the more dearly and think of you as radiantly attractive. I guess really, I should get some help for this issue, but for now, I will keep picking the pretty ones :D

Lots of love, and Merry Christmas!
Meghan :P

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Verbs I miss being able to use:

To sketch on
to creep on
to pull a Clare
to ninja
to be pissed
to freak out
to be like "RAWR!"

Unfortunately, I have picked up some new favorite expressions. Ones my mum would not approve of so much. But bad words stick really easily in your head. I can swear in like 8 languages, and it is so fun to see people's reactions. Just like I find it absolutely hysterical when Czech people swear in English, most of my friends react the same way. Not the most tasteful icebreaker, but definitely not the worst! Especially since I do not mean them, and speak like a 3 year old the rest of the time. Oh well. I just hope I do not fall into any patterns!

So, I realized that in like my first post, I had a Czech status update. then never did it again. So here it it:

Currently reading Animal Farm, with an average of 10 words per page being dictionaried. Yeah. it's a verb. I still speak like about a 4 or maybe 5 year old with not all my wires connected, but I am understanding physics at school, a bit! My writing is horrendous, and plurals still make me dizzy.

Christmas is coming quickly! I made my sister's present today and wrapped soem for the rest of my family. And, I gave myself a present last friday, when I bought an accordion! It is huge, and heavy, but I love it. Yeah, so I am going to go play before it gets to late! čau! Merry Christmas, Happy late Chanukah, and enjoy your Kwanzaa!

Love y'all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My first turkey!

I said they were coming...

Halloween. It was intense.

I love Barcelona. This is one of my over 600 pictures :p.


I love them. We were dressed up for our mini Christmas at our orientation.


In the Czech Republic, instead...

of salt on the road and sidewalks, they use rocks. Like piles of gravel on the side walks. I guess it must be more ecofriendly, but it must be a mess in the spring.

of spices in their food, they use fat and salt.

of Coca Cola, we drink Kofola. Which is much better by the way.

of going by car, we wait for the bus.

of rebelling by dying their hair a funny color and talking back to their teachers, kids drink and smoke. yuck.

of 4 tones for 130 people to tune to, each violin, viola and cello gets individually tuned (quite sharp, too!) with each string matched to the first violin. twice. oj!

of real meals, I eat bread, chocolate and mandarin oranges.

of spending pretty much no time alone, from Tuesday night to Thursday night, I only bump into my family as we are leaving, and one late night ride home.
It has been a tough last few weeks for me here. I have been pretty busy, hosting thanksgiving dinner and playing a few concerts, but it has been pretty dull over all. I am having some huge adjustment problems, and hopefully everything will get sorted out soon, and christmas will be fun!

We had our mid-stay orientation this last weekend. We were staying at the coolest building near Oloumoc. Some people, nudgenudge Papa, may have called it too "crunchy granola," but everything was so nice. There were these great chairs shaped like bananas, and there are just so many ways to sit on them! We enjoyed exploring the possibilities. We had a mini christmas, and ate way to many cookies. I love everyone who was there though. They are strong, beautiful, talented and just plain amazing people, and I am so happy to have met all of them.

Stealing from a fellow AFSer, Cordelia, the girl with the coolest glasses ever in Argentina, I would LOVE to get some letters and emails. They always brighten my day!

Lots of love,