Friday, May 27, 2011


Like all the other photos from this last trip, stolen from Aurelie, who is, as you may have guessed, a master fotographer. That word feels like it should be more feminine, like fotografka, ya know?
Elča, a classmate, and Susie, from Pittsburgh!
Most of our group from the France trip
I loved Aurelie's red purse with a fiery passion.
Somehow we ended up with a whole bunch of misleading pictures in which I was "playing" Aurelie's ukulele. This one, note the maraca, is semi-truthful. Just trust the black and white. She is the dream jam partner though. Love you, darling!

Actually just wait wait. While on my journeys around western Europe, I saw 2 more pairs of my glasses!!! One fella in the musée d'Orsée and another on the streets of Amersfoort. 2 of my favorite places that I've seen! I am beginning to think these spectacles are a sign of taste. Or maybe that's just the ego talking :D


  1. I love Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me! I'm kind of an NPR dork. I saw that you commented on my post, and that's so cool that you came to the Netherlands! I hope you've had a great year in the Czech Republic. From the pictures, it seems like you have so far. Do you like This American Life? It's my favorite NPR program, although I've just discovered Snap Judgement, more storytelling, and I'm an addict. Just wanted to spread the NPR love! I'm also curious if you've leanred Czech fluently.

  2. NPR will always remind me of driving around with my parents. I don't even know cars, and Car Talk makes me smile. I'll have to look up This American Life.
    I wouldn't say fluently, but enough that I understand most conversations with a few vocab questions. What about dutch? It's so funny sounding!
    When do you guys head home?

  3. Hey Meghan,

    This is awkward, I suppose, haha. I found you blog on the AFS website while I was searching for exchange programs. I'm going to be an exchange student for the school year of 2012-2013 after I graduate high school in America because I never got to do something like this in high school. I spent 6 weeks in high school in the Czech Republic as a short term exchange student, and I think I'm going to return for the full year. I have some questions that I'd like to ask, if you don't mind, but I couldn't find a way to contact you. Is there any way you could email me at and I can ask you the questions? I specifically want to ask about Czech schools, playing music while there (I'm an avid classical and jazz musician in the States), and other things more specific to the Czech Republic that nobody else can really answer. If you can contact me, that's great. On the other hand if this is totally sketch and you think it's weird that I found you blog and am now contacting you, feel free to just delete this and shove me out of your mind forever, haha. Regardless I enjoyed the few blog posts of yours that I read, so thanks a ton for writing them.


  4. Hi! I love your blog and your exchange experience stories. I'd like to inform you about an intersting project... Could I have your contact?