Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Floating along

I love:

Beautiful language. Oscar Wilde was the paragon of an artist.


Good music.




I hate:


Authority figures who expect everything they offer to be taken as unquestionable truth

Not paying attention to other parts of the world.


People who drink just to get drunk

Books with too many characters

Czech's lack of rhythm in speech. Because the first syllable is always stressed, the cadence doesn't fall well to my ears.

Cold. In personalities and weather

So, as of tomorrow, I have 4 short months here. I have to admit, there is a lot I will miss here. but I am looking forward so much to getting back into my cozy easy life. I feel lost a lot here. sometimes, I physically am, like when I ended up 50 kilometers away from where I was supposed to be at night in the snow. But Czech people aren't anal like people in the US. They don't plan every second. They don't disinfect every square inch. Something can be said for it, but I think I prefer the tight-ass approach.

But while I'm floating, life here is pleasant. I was dozing off on the šalina- look it up. The English word is too much like what the non-Brno term is :D- when I heard " next stop: Kamenalom"

Coming along?

I usually find myself making up what people say when I don't understand it. I have "heard" people say some pretty strange stuff, but it should help ward off dementia, right? Using the old grey matter. sort of.

Well, I am off to Poland this weekend, and hopefully that will give me some more thoughts, or at least more interesting ones. We are going to Auschwitz on Friday, and I am pretty anxious about how strong my emotions will be there. So many horrors committed against good people. I have no words for how the idea makes me feel, and that it truly occurred is infinitely worse.

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