Monday, March 7, 2011


So, you probably all know by now that I can ramble on for ages with my complaints. Finding problems with things has never been hard for me. But I realized something I really appreciate in Czech people. They really understand the value, or lack of value, in stuff.

As a culture in the US, we love our stuff. Our gadgets, toys, those cure-alls to keep us from getting bored, or wasting too much time or effort. I am for sure in no way above this adoration. I live a life, even here, buried in all the things I "need." Czech people, based on the ones I've met these 6 months, are less caught up in all of that. We eat really well here, but our fridge and freezer for 8 people living at home is probably about half the size of the refrigerator half of the fridge in our kitchen, and beyond that, we have another fridge and 2 more freezers. And we have only had three residents for a few years now.

All of this is really making me think about my carbon footprint. I mean, I have been involved with efforts to go green and have felt like I try pretty hard, but I have done nothing. I mean, if you have enough clothes, why do you need a dryer? Clothes get just as dry if you hang them, and this way, I have no worries about shrinking my socks. Rags clean up just as well as paper towels. Buses give you time to read, listen to music, or write while you travel. No worries about driving or helping to navigate.

So, that is my life-changing blog post for today.
Love you all, as usual.
Tak ahoj!

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