Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guessing game

So, my Czech Language teacher is one of those cool teachers. I could see him working in Harley, if we taught Czech literature. Anyways, we had the coolest assignment ever! We had to translate a famous song, he provided us with one, from English to Czech, while keeping the poetry. Here's my gift to you, now guess what the mystery song is!!!!

Musí být nějaká cesta ven
Klaun zlodějovi říkal
Je tady uplný chaos
Ale nikdo kdoby mi pomahal
Podníkatelé pijí moje víno
Oráčy v mé zemi kopají
Tam na hranici neví nikdo
Kolík to stojí

Nemáš důvod být rozčilený
Řikal ten yloděj mile
hodně tady jsou okolo nás
kteří ví že žívot, žert je
Ale to náš osud není
Tak, nemáme mluvít falešně
Je pozdě, půlnoc už zvoní

Všudy na ty věží
Princy hlídali
Všechny ženy přišli, odešli
Sluhy bosi, taky šli

Ven, dost daleko
Lev zařval
Dva lidé na koních na cestě byli
vítr húlakal

Have fun kids!!!
So here's my hint:

And my apologies about the horrible Czech!

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  1. There must be some kind of way out of here
    Said the joker to the theif
    There's too much confusion
    I can't get no relief
    Business men they drink my wine
    Plowmen dig my earth
    None will level on the wine
    Nobody of it is worth

    No reason to get exited
    The thief he kindly spoke
    There are many here among us
    Who feel that life is but a joke
    But you and I we've been through that
    And this is not our fate
    So let us talk falsely now
    The hour's getting late

    All along the watchtower
    The princess kept the view
    While all the women came
    And went bare feet servants too
    Outside in the cold distance
    A wild cat did growl
    Two riders were aproaching
    And the wind began to howl

    Written by Bob Dylan and yes, I left off the title!

    There, are you happy??
    love you, kiddo!!

    Your version, more or less:
    It must be some way out
    Clown said the thief
    There's a complete mess
    But nobody helped me kdoby
    Businessmen they drink my wine
    Plowman kicking in my country
    There on the border nobody knows
    How much does it cost

    You have no reason to be excited
    He said he yloděj Mile
    there are many around us
    who knows that life is a joke
    But it is our destiny
    So, I do not talk falsely
    It's late, midnight already ringing

    Everywhere on the tower
    Prince guarding
    All women have come, gone
    Barefoot servants, too, went

    Outside, far enough
    The lion roared
    Two people riding on the road were
    shouting wind